How to Use

Visit Oversight Shooting Tech. on YouTube for more info on the SeeAll Sights.

How to Use

The unique, single-element design means precise eye position is no longer necessary. Even if your eye is off-center with the sight or even the gun’s barrel, the bullet will strike where the cross hair is centered. Just pick up your target, and the sight will do the rest. This is one reason that the See-All Open Sight is a favorite with young people and new shooters of any age. The learning curve is almost non-existent.

Align the triangle
View the target over the top of the See All Sight along the sight axis (G). The crosshair reticle (B) will be magnified by optical element (A) and appear perfectly in-focus, along with the target. The edge-glow material (H) ensures that the crosshair will be visible even in low-light situations.

…and shoot!
Place the image of the crosshair (B) over the desired point of impact, and pull the trigger. The complete sight picture will look like the illustration to the right.


  1. Patented optical element
  2. Crosshair reticle
  3. Picatinny rail groove
  4. Elevation adjustment screw
  5. Windage adjustment screw
  6. Rail mount set screws
  7. Sight axis
  8. Edge-glow material