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Pistol Sights

Mk2 Pistol Sights are a game changer for pistols! SeeAll Sights do not require perfect eye position, and reticle placement is not critical. Simply put the point on your target, and pull the trigger. No modification to your slide is needed to mount a SeeAll. Push out your rear sight, push our dovetail into the existing slot, and mount the sight to the dovetail. It's that easy, and the money you saved using an existing cut just payed for your SeeAll! Shooting tight groups, and confidence with your handgun is possible, and leave your worries behind you. Once sighted in your SeeAll Sight is ready when you are, no batteries, no electronics, built to hold up, and nothing to turn on. Pistol Sights start at $100. Make your pistol perform the way you envisioned!

RISK FREE! 30 Day Money Back Guaranteed

SeeAll Sights come with a 30 Day money back guarantee, and a LIFETIME Warranty on parts and workmanship.

Sights Made, Assembled, and Packaged in the USA. 100% USA!

Toughest Sight On The Market?

SeeAll is confident that our sights are the toughest, and most rugged on the market. Why is this you might ask? First reason is that everything is mechanical on SeeAll Sights. The adjustment is positive with a double threaded screw, and hard spring pressure back. The optic, and polycarbonate guts are screwed directly into the aluminum body. Leading onto the next reason, and that is a aluminum body construction. Using military grade anodized aluminum, you can be confident that your SeeAll Sight can withstand the bumps, drops, recoil, harsh weather, and whatever else comes its way. Mentioned before the internal parts are made of a extremely tough polycarbonate, and the Optic is a molded scratch resistant acrylic. Finally if your still not convinced SeeAll Sights come with a Lifetime Warranty. Toughest Sight on the Market? Ask us and we will tell you that it most definitely is!

SeeAll Gun Sights

Mk2 - Tritium Night Sight for Rifle or Rail with Dual Illumination


This Tritium sight is the result of years of R&D and extreme testing. Unlike other manufacturers, this sight isn't subject to temperature or humidity errors. 

With SeeAll sights you HIT THE TARGET... every time!

Mk1 - The Original Open Sight for Rail


The Original, and still very popular rifle and crossbow sight, is 100% unique in design and impressiveness. Requiring no batteries the Mk1 is always ready for you to pull up, and get on target in a hurry!

Mk2 - Tritium Pistol Night Sight with Dual Illumination


SeeAll Pistol Sight holds multiple patents and a lifetime warranty on parts. Shoot accurately, and stay confident with a tritium insert for all hours of the day, or night!

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say!

I’m a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army (Retired) and of the Gwinnett County Police Department (Retired Lieutenant Commander of the Narcotics Unit). And I have never used a sight as fabulous as the see all sight. I was able to adapt to the sight in a matter of minutes. This sight is remarkable.  I’m able to engage the target fast and accurate without a lot of practice, I will be a return customer when I purchase additional weapons suitable for this sighting system. I’m using this sight on my Ruger Charger and I can't express how happy I'm with this product. 

Lt. Roger “Smoke” Nelson #569

Lt. Roger “Smoke” Nelson #569

Personally my 55yr old eyes can pick up the See All Open Sight much easier and quicker than a red dot. I can see the See All sight better without my glasses, the red dot is much more difficult to use without my glasses.

Jon Tracy reviewed See All Open Sight - Facebook

Virtually indestructible sight and I don't have to wonder if the battery is fresh as it knocks around in the back of the squad for days, sometimes weeks at a time. Much has been said about the so called "learning curve" of this new fiber optic sight, however I found that to be minimal at most. For most LEO applications. A shotgun needs to be in operation quickly with little or no added distractions such as battery, where's the red dot, etc. The target application is fast and sure with this sight and it doesn't matter if you end up under a car, shooting with one hand, propped up , on an elbow on the floor behind a desk, etc. As long as that reticle (mine is a triangle) is on the target, that's where that slugs going. You have both eyes open and situational awareness isn't denigrated by closing one eye. This is an inexpensive, practical and affective sight for my application.

Les - Amazon Review

Love this sight at first impression. Just got it in yesterday, mounted on my KSG 12 gauge. Took it to the range to zero it, but that wasn't needed. Consistent 100 yard hits on an 8" steel plate with slugs. It's nice and low-profile, light weight, seems durable, stable, easily and naturally allows me to keep both eyes open. No loosening after repeated fire. Essentially, it's a more natural low-light iron sights, there's no magnification but short of 300 yards I don't want for more. Very happy to come across this product, and look forward to field testing.

Kevin Paige - Amazon Review